Welcome to Sveaborg lodge in Concord                     

Sveaborg Lodge # 449 is a fellowship that shares a common interest in Nordic culture and heritage. Sveaborg is a member of Vasa Order of America. Members of Sveaborg Lodge celebrate many Nordic customs and occasions, often with music, Nordic cuisine, and costume.  Members of Sveaborg Lodge typically come together in the evening on the third Friday of every month for a program and dinner. Most of our meetings are open for guests. So please come and visit us. We meet at Odd Fellows Hall, 4349 Cowell Rd., Concord, CA map. Please RSVP and a donation likely expected.

At our meeting you can meet members with different interests in the Nordic culture such as, cooking, crafts, dancing, film, genealogy, literature, music and travel. You can also meet with people who talk your ancestors language. 

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We have a sister lodge in Uddevalla Sweden. Visit their website to learn more about them.

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