Membership in Vasa Order of America

You may apply for VASA membership if you are fourteen years of age or older and meet one of the following requirements:

  • You were born in Nordic country.
  • You are of Nordic ancestry.
  • You are the spouse of an active VASA member.
  • You are a non-Nordic widow or widower of a VASA member.
  • You are not of Nordic ancestry but are committed to the promotion and advancement of Swedish and Nordic heritage and culture.

All membership in VASA is through Local Lodges. 

You can find a listing of all Local Lodges on the VASA website:

Click here for more information on VASA Membership.

How to apply for Sveaborg Lodge Membership

You will need to sign the printed form and either bring it to the Lodge meeting or mail it to the Lodge Secretary..With the latest Adobe version, it’s writable.  Otherwise click the application for completing manually.

Tips for completing the application

  • Please print or write clearly and complete all items.  Typed is even better! 
  • Under “Sponsor” write the Sveaborg member who invited you to the Lodge.
  • If retired, please indicate what your occupation was.
  • To the right of “Sponsor” – remember to SIGN the application
  • Be sure to complete the two smaller sections on the lower half of the page
  • Enclose your check payable to Sveaborg Lodge #449 and mail to:

Linda Fagerstrom, 860 Niagara Ct., Concord, CA 94518: 

$40 – adult (age 18 and up)  Couples:  both complete an application and dues are $40 each
$12 -- age 14 to 17  (no initiation fee for youth in Vasablad)
$10 – each applicant’s initiation fee  

These amounts may be paid in one check.  If applying in May or later, pro-rate your payment for the year at $2.50 per month through December.  Membership fees are due and payable yearly thereafter on December 31st.

Once your application has been processed, you will be contacted regarding initiation.  

If you have any questions, contact Linda Fagerstrom, 925-827-1094, email

We look forward to welcoming you into Sveaborg Lodge.

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